You deserve to SIGNIFICANTLY grow
your Sewing, Quilt or Fabric shop
in the next 6-12 months.

We’ve worked with 80+ shops across the country and are confident we can help your business grow too!

We work with shop owners in three different ways:


We come up with the strategy and implement it for you.


We come up with the strategy and implement it with your help.


We consult with and coach you or your team.

We are the ONLY Marketing Agency dedicated to Sewing, Quilt and Fabric Shops who’s spoken at or taught classes at these major trade shows:

How it works

Intro Call

We get a clear sense of your goals and objectives and find out if we’re a good fit for eachother. 

Regardless of outcome, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of what direction you might want to head with your marketing efforts.


Marketing Audit

We take a look at your marketing efforts to find out whether what you are doing or not doing fits your goals. 

By the time we’re done walking you through, you’ll see exactly where you stand, what needs improvement, and where you’re missing opportunities. You’ll finally have that “aha!” moment where you understand what’s holding you back from achieving success. 


Level of Service Selection

Depending on your goals and available resources (i.e. money, time, and people), we’ll help you select the level of service that makes the most sense.

You might want us to do all of the work, you might want us to work with you or a team member or you might simply want us to coach you or your team along.

Either way, we can help you reach your business growth goals.


Focus on Growing Your Business

We’ll help your business grow at a steady pace and we’ll report on the results and progress along the way.

Our goal is to be your growth/marketing partner for the long term.

Go from this…

Not knowing what type of marketing campaigns to run, losing money on Facebook or Google ads. Learning or attempting to do marketing yourself without knowing if you’re even doing it right.

…to this!

Getting a team of specialists that organizes your marketing efforts, manages and optimizes your campaigns (or launches fresh ones to fill gaps in your ad strategy), analyzes all the complex data for you, improves your profits, and best of all, helps you grow your business.

Imagine getting results like this: