Who We Are

Sew & Vac Media (Timberline Solutions, LLC) was founded in 2016. We started out with three people, and today we’re a company of about 6 spread out across four different states. 

We've been in the digital marketing industry for over 12 years. We decided to focus on an under-served industry: Sewing & Vacuum Dealers. We knew we could take our experience from the last 12-years and move the needle for dealers. We're happy when our dealers do well. 

We’re marketers, website builders, children-raisers, hunters, ukulele players, dog-lovers, hikers, campers, travelers, and hard workers.

Meet the Team

Four of us shown below. Updates to come.
Sales / Client Services

Josh Sutherland

Marketing / Client Services

Seth Norwood

Client Services

Raquelle Dickerson

Client Services

Saunders Clark

Social Selling with Facebook/Instagram

Since the pandemic the landscape for how Sewing and Vacuum companies reach and sell to customers has changed. Be on the forefront of the latest technology and utilize the new tools offered by Facebook to help businesses increase online sales. Join us on July 28th at 12pm MDT for a free 1 hour workshop that is designed especially for the Sewing and Vacuum Industry.

We will cover the following things:

Social Selling 101 – What is social selling, and the tools that are available to make you successful.

  • Setting up your Facebook Commerce Manager with your online products.
  • How to tag your products on Facebook & Instagram and streamline the checkout process from your social media posts.

We will then cover one of the latest trends in the e-commerce space that is helping businesses improve their online sales from Live Streaming.

Introducing - Facebook Live Selling 

  • How to enable and set up this feature
  • Facebook Live Selling Best Practices
  • Some of the strategies our team has used to promote better engagement and viewership during Live Streams.
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