You’ve worked hard to create content for your website. Everything is loaded and the site is running. Your work isn’t done yet, though. Completing a website content audit is like proofreading your final semester essay. Often it is a lot easier for someone else to evaluate and diagnose your content to increase your reader usability and SEO. Here are 5 reasons why hiring out a website content will benefit your site in the long run.

Determining Problems in Your Website Content

One step in creating a website content audit is to determine the ease of content readability, broken links, and overall accessibility of the site. Fixing grammar errors will make a website more appealing to visitors. Ensuring header tags contain relevant keywords and match content will increase the website value and ranking.

Diagnosing Content Gaps

A content audit helps identify gaps in content and bring to attention what needs to be added to a site. It is important to ensure that each page has valuable and useful information for visitors and search engines. By focusing on what is missing, you can improve the website ranking and brand all in one fell swoop.

Evaluating Content Quality

Is the content quality on your website high, medium, or low? Is the content short and light or is it rich and length? Depending on the purpose of your website, the type of content needed will vary. Content that repeats itself throughout a page or website will cause your website to rank lower. This includes titles and descriptions. The goal is to have concise and quality content over lengthy and low value content.

Improving Information Structure

A content audit can also identify where to improve your information structure. Identifying which areas could add links or directional structure to content will improve visitor usability. This step also suggests which order to include content for maximum readability.

Better SEO

Good SEO focuses on providing high quality content that appeals to users first improves your search engine optimization (SEO) second. Google ranks websites based on how useful the information is in relation to a user search. A content audit can identify which keywords included are useful to visitors and which need changed. By providing relevant keywords for user experience, you can decrease your bounce rate and increase your return visitors rate.

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