Common Marketing Questions

As a business owner there are always hurdles to overcome. In the world of modern marketing, you may find yourself unsure how to overcome some of those hurdles.

As we have worked with the sew and vac market, we see our clients pose the same questions and concerns. Understanding how modern marketing works, and implementing the right behavior will help your business stand out from others.

SEO, Rankings & Marketing

Digital Marketing Packages

At Sew & Vac Media, we’ve designed four digital marketing packages to help you reach your online goals and help you stand out from the competition.  We provide you with the keywords, SEO tools, social media marketing, and ideas you need to make your website and brand successful on the internet.  Contact us today to discuss which package best fits your business’s needs.  You can also download our SEO, Rankings & Marketing printable to reference during your FREE consultation.

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Sew & Vac Media Marketing Packages

 $500 Starter  $750 Premium  $1000 Advanced  $1250 Premium
 Keyword Research x x x x
 Website Audit x x x x
 Page Optimization x x x x
 Google My Business Audit x x x x
 Citations x x x x
 Facebook Advertising x x x x
 Reporting x x x x
 Content Audit x x x x
 Internal Link Audit x x x x
 Competitive Analysis x x x
Social Media Audit x x
 Link Building x x
 Customized Strategy x